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06:52 pm: It's not right...
So I found out early this morning. It just didn't make sense. So young. She had a whole life ahead of her. Now because of such a tragic thing, she'll never graduate, have kids, get married. I don't know how her parents can deal with loosing their only child. Chester, I hope to God he can pull himself together and get through this. We don't need anymore. You always hear of people saying your gunna loose someone in High School, either involving a car, or suicide. But you never think or realize it's going to happen to you. As someone else said this kinda thing doesn't happen in Memphis. It makes it worse that everyone knows everyone, making us all close. Today made me realize that at school we may all be different, but one thing can bring us all together. It didn't matter what or who you were, but it effected everyone some way. Even if I only hung out a couple of times with her, and didn't know her personally, I did know she was a great person, and didn't deserve this. For that fact I don't think nobody deserves this. Thanks to everyone that tried to make this day better for me, but hearing everyone say Happy Birthday only made things worse. I couldn't bear to celebrate knowing that she had passed. Even now it doesn't seem real. I keep picturing her, and how she'll be back. Or I keep wondering how she felt seeing that truck come at her, but maybe she didn't see a thing. Anyways, all I hope is that she didn't suffer, and that she's at peace now. And may God be with Val and Lindsay through their recoveries.

Always & Forever-

<3 Rayna

To anyone that I've ever hurt, I'm truely sorry. Todays made me realize a lot, and has made me want to change my life/ways for the better.

Current Mood: depressedPlease let life get better...
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