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My So-Called Life...


24 March
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So about me... I live in a gay ass town with a lot of gay ass people, but yet there's still a few awsome ones around. I have like a total of eight friends: Steph, Will, Bitsy, Steve, Kellyn, Danielle, Kevin, and Adam. And my dad wonders why I'm always hangin with guyz... Hmm I wonder, maybe cuz most of my friends aren't girlz?!
I like sitting around and doing nothing but also going outside to get away from shit. But some days I want to be around people. But now I love spending time with people and can't live without them... Amazing what a couple of months and school can do to ya! Depends on the mood I guess. Four-wheeling and snowmobiling both rock and so do long walks on the beach and sunday cones! Just joking I hate the beach and ice cream is fattening. Well that's about it, as ya can see I have no life so that's why I made this shit. -----{Me}-----